job: sound editing / sound design

client: A Sound


Against his will, Niilas must spend his summer vacation with his mother and her new family in rural northern Sweden, where they live among the indigenous Sami people as reindeer herders. Having spent most of his 12 years with his father in Belgium, Niilas barely knows his mother and has yet to meet his stepfather and new siblings. Uncomfortable around the reindeer and his family, Niilas retreats inwards. His negligence following an argument with his half-brother causes a reindeer to go missing. Feeling responsible for the animal’s safety; and for causing his family distress; he takes on the search. With some quick thinking and help from his siblings, Niilas is soon experiencing the most adventurous summer of his life.

Set in the enchanting countryside of Lappland, this film explores the delicate balance that can be achieved between humans, animals, and the environment when proper respect and care are taken.